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B&B Hughes Construction, Inc. has combined years of experience with state-of-the-art equipment to become one of California’s best shoring contractors.  Specializing in Vibratory Shoring Applications, our distinctive approach to shoring using the ABI Mobilram System enables us to achieve a higher standard of Safety, Productivity and Quality Control, with cost effective results.  Minimal set up time and excellent onsite mobility translate to increased production and lower costs.  The ability to change between the vibro hammer and auger drive, on the same machine, makes this system extremely versatile, allowing us to pre-drill for piling when difficult soil conditions require it.


Hughes Construction has very high marks with the various owners and construction companies we have worked with.  Our knowledge of excavation shoring, specialty equipment and various design and construction methodologies allow us to provide the most competitive design/build shoring solutions for our clients.  Our work ethic, safety, low costs and speedy production, combined, have led to our reputation of being one of the best shoring contractors in the industry.


Our safety evaluations conducted by the insurance industry are excellent.  Our current  EMR is 0.80.


·        Union Affiliated

·        HAZWOPER & B.A.T.T. Trained

·        Experienced in Refineries

·        Experienced in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

·        Experienced in Steel, Vinyl, Composite Sheet Pile & Soldier Pile

·        Experienced in the Application and Use of Waterproofing for Sheet Piling

·        Design Build